The Popcorn Review: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in cinemas and fans are already raving about it and how it’s the best Star Wars adventure in a long time. Well, we’ve seen it and we can attest to the fact that it is long. But the length of the film is not the issue in this latest Star Wars saga, is more of the underlying fact that you feel every minute of this long drawn out space soap opera.

last_jedi_phasmaThe Last Jedi opens with the continuation of The First Order’s reign of terror, which results in the near decimation of the rebellion. The opening scene itself sees the bad guys attempting to destroy what is left of the rebels. While this is happening, Rey is trying to convince Luke Skywalker to leave his self-imposed exile whilst Kylo Ren is also facing issues with his master, Supreme Leader Snoke.

Eventually despite several separate stories, they all weave in together to culminate in what is The Last Jedi’s coolest scene, which is a last gasp showdown on a planet with red salt flats. Visually, the scene is rather spectacular, and that all there really is going for this Star Wars film.

last_jedi_LukeIt makes no qualms about it being a franchise film, one which is designed and crafted to sell more toys and merchandise and basically extend the Star Wars brand. The price for that comes at the cost of heart and fun, because it’s a film that doesn’t leave you wanting for more, at least not for us anyway.

There are some bright spots in Rian Johnson’s film, but they largely take a back seat to the battle sequences and one cool cameo appearance. Frankly we didn’t enjoy this latest Star Wars adventure and despite some key storylines culminating in this one, we don’t really care what happens next to this next wave of heroes.

lastjediThe film’s lead –“is he or isn’t he” – villain, Kylo Ren summed it up best with a monologue that essentially called an end to the Skywalkers, the war, Jedi, Sith and The First Order. In hindsight, that pretty much summed up The Last Jedi best in our opinion. But the forces at play have ensured another instalment to come within the next two years.

Until that time comes, we’ll be watching reruns of the original trilogy instead to recapture some of the magic that made Star Wars that special in the first place. The Last Jedi will not count itself in this category in our books.

Popcorn Rating: Semi-Fresh

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