The Popcorn Review: Justice League

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Fun, entertaining, must-watch again. These are the elements that the Justice League film is not. On paper, having superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg sharing  the big screen should have the trappings of a great, entertaining ride. However with several misses, the DC Universe on film is essentially a big mess. Justice League continues that same formula, but hey at least Warner Bros is consistent.

mercedes_justice_leagueJustice League is neither a bad nor a good film. It’s just a film that’s rather meh from start to finish. And it leaves such a bland taste in the mouth that most moviegoers won’t even feel an ounce of emotion by the time the end credit stinger screens. Because you pretty much know that Warner Bros will under deliver and disappoint you once again.

You’d expect better or more from a film that unites some of the world’s biggest superheroes on film. But what transpires over the course of two hours (thank god it wasn’t more) is a rush through “let’s unite to save the world from an evil baddie” stereotypical, formulaic spiel.

Rush is the ongoing theme of Justice League, as the film introduces some of the big heroes, who are either too eager or too uninterested to do the deed. Eventually they do and it’s for a big payoff for what is supposed to be an epic third act but it’s hard to keep up such a story when you have such a flaccid antagonist in Steppenwolf.

jla_trailer_newAs far as the plotline goes, that’s pretty much it plus a resurrection of a key character (but you may have already guessed that). And as far as the Zack Snyder/ Joss Whedon creative collaboration goes, the end result is a film that tries to be dark, light and funny and the same time. But it fails on most accounts.

The characters portrayed are hit and misses, essentially being complete parodies or copycats of superheroes we’ve seen in past films. By the time the film ends, you’re pretty much left wondering where the past two hours just went and how it would have been better served like watching Netflix.

justice_newThis essentially sums up Justice League, an epic superhero film that over promises but underwhelms. And it’s something that Warner Bros has done repeatedly, which is why most fans don’t have a vested interest in this superhero film universe that’s trying to be crafted.

The Justice League proves that the DCEU is a failed experiment. A hodgepodge of storylines with numerous plot holes featuring heroes that are parodies of themselves. And judging by how Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad have played out, it seems to be an ongoing streak that Warner Bros won’t be able to shake off anytime soon.

Ultimately this franchise deserves better, which is why we wouldn’t be surprised to see a reboot of some sort in the immediate future. A pity though, because the DC superheroes clearly better, but they’re being portrayed ironically in a film, that despite its promising title, that doesn’t any of them any justice.

Popcorn Rating: Stale

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