The Grudge Gets A Reboot

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A new take on The Grudge will arrive in cinemas in January 2020, this time with stars Betty Gilpin, Demián Bichir and John Cho. The film, which will be a reboot of the 2004 American film, is being directed by Nicolas Pesce is simply called Grudge.

Interestingly, the setting of the film takes place in 2004, the same timeline as the original film. Fans of The Grudge will recall that the film is set in Japan with Sarah Michelle Gellar portraying a woman who crosses paths with a vengeful ghost. That film itself was a direct remake of the original Japanese horror, Ju-On: The Grudge, which was released in 2002.

Grudge will see the same premise played out this time with a police officer investigating a case, which leads her to a house inflicted with a terrible curse.  The film is slated for release on 3 January 2020.

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