The Conjuring 2 Review

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After the success of The Conjuring, it’s no surprise that The Conjuring 2 came out of the blocks and immediately began dominating the box office too. But there’s a lot of riding on this horror sequel and many fans are wondering if James Wan and the Warrens can deliver the scares fans have come to expect. Does this movie truly live up to the hype?

conjuring_review_2The Story
Despite their decision to take a sabbatical, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren cuts their vacation short to visit a troubled family in Enfield, England. Single mother, Peggy Hodgson begins to feel something evil in her home and it seems to be latching on Janet, the second oldest of four siblings. The Hodgson family is thrown in the limelight and the Warren’s discover something more sinister lurking in the shadows.

What Worked
Wan is a brilliant storyteller, as proven in his previous works. Despite it being a horror film, Wan manages to weave romance into the movie and even warmed our hearts.  It also left us wanting more, thumbs up from us!

What Didn’t
It felt like as if Wan wanted to tell several stories in one movie but some of them just didn’t quite link up. Without spoiling too much, Lorraine’s visions and actual hauntings don’t go hand-in-hand. Maybe there’s more to the story than meets the eye and perhaps it is being reserved for another movie down the line. Looks like we have to wait and see.

conjuring_review_3Plus Points
This time, we are transported back to 1977. The setting, costumes and surroundings allowed us to be transplanted back to this era, which also makes it a whole lot creepier! Putting the visual effects aside, the movie set mirrors the Hodgson’s residence, making it even more believable.

Minus Points
The movie itself got us on the edge of the seats, but it felt like there was one too many jump scares, even for us.

We feel that the Warrens have so much to tell and hopefully, there’s another sequel in the works. The Conjuring 2 ticked all the right boxes and we can’t wait for the next horror film from Wan.

Review by: Stephanie Aeria

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