Taste Bangkok

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Taste Bangkok invites you to dive into the Thai capital’s melting pot of culture, tradition, and modernity with prolific Thai film actor Ananda Everingham. The all-new Life Inspired’s Original Series unveils the vibrant flavours and diverse cuisine of Asia’s leading culinary hub.

The series follows Asian film star Ananda on an discovering the food culture in Bangkok introduction of traditional Thai cuisine from Bangkok’s top restaurants like Nahm, before moving on to progressive Thai cuisine at Issaya Siamese Club.

Bangkok’s formidable arrays of international traditional and progressive cuisine are also highlighted through award-winning fine dining restaurant like L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Gaggan. Ananda speaks to the respective restaurateurs/award-winning chefs about their culinary aspirations and inspirations as he charts the evolution of Thai cuisine from its traditional and regional roots to modern progressive interpretations that will influence future trends.

The local actor trails Bangkok’s growing trend of international cuisine from world-acclaimed chefs choosing to live and cook in Bangkok, resulting in truly unique hybrid restaurants that are redefining the dining culture.

Taste Bangkok premieres Tuesday, June 21st at 9pm on Life Inspired (Astro Ch728)

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