Swamp People Season 6

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This April, History brings you a brand new season of acclaimed series Swamp People and the great crocs, swamplands and hunting season that define their lives. As the hunting season opens with Bounty on the Bayou, one hunter heads deep into the swamp to catch a legendary reptile, while another seeks out advice from his mother in hopes of catching a bounty-winning gator. In another boat, a veteran hunter empowers his younger deckhand by letting him fight his first line ever.

Swamp People Season 6 will also see the swampers adapt to new challenges, facing the elements and other problems in order to get through another hard Gator season. In Gator Gridlock, when boat traffic makes it impossible to run lines, hunters must adjust tactics and abandon plans in order to fill their tags. One team returns after a two-year hiatus and decides to hunt a remote area that forces them to cross the dangerous shipping lanes of the mighty Mississippi River. Another team avoids bounty hunters and boat traffic by travelling to a new and remote area called Boudreaux’s Run, while another team hunts a waterway riddled with swells from tugboats and barges.

In Twister Trouble, the hunters are forced to rely on life-long intuitions to take on Mother Nature. To avoid floodwaters, one team makes a life threatening decision to head deep into the swamp. Another team is forced to open water hunt after their territory is choked off by unexplainable swamp grass, while another hunter goes after a rogue gator that is threatening his children’s lives. While running lines, Troy finds several hooks with the bait twisted off of them. He realizes that this is the work of a gator he calls “Twister” that he and his brother have been after for years.

Catch Swamp People Season 6 as it premieres Thursday, 9 April at 9pm on History (Astro Ch555) and History HD (Astro Ch575)

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