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It’s hard not to be excited about Suicide Squad as it stands as the first supervillain movie. With an ensemble cast, the DC movie not only boasts some pretty big star power but it also represents a vital piece of a puzzle, which forms the extended DC cinematic universe. But with increasing bad reviews, one wonders if the second DC film of 2016 will have what it takes to win over the box-office and its fans. We take in a viewing to find out…

killer_crocThe Story Suicide Squad revolves around a team of supervillains who are recruited and coerced by ARGUS head, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to carry out top secret government missions, specifically ones that revolve metahuman attacks. When a threat surfaces that could wipe out an entire city, Waller despatches Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) along with Killer Croc, El Diablo and Katana along with her trusty aide Rick Flagg to help extract a key asset that could hold the key to stopping untold destruction to the world.

What Worked The lighter tone of the film, which is a welcome departure from the all-too serious tone of previous DC films. Director David Ayer has also managed to inject a number of scene stealing roles to each cast member, which is great because it allows the characters a chance to shine.

katana_squadWhat Didn’t The film does suffer from rather choppy editing. It also has a storyline that starts off simple but gradually escalates to outlandish levels involving metahuman gods with supernatural type abilities. And not one but two love stories intertwined into the film.

Plus Points The cool cameos in the film, the comedy and dark humour. Great portrayals of the key members of the squad by Smith, Robbie and Courtney as well as Davis who excels in being a cold hearted government agent. Suicide Squad also has a great rocking soundtrack, arguably the best since Guardians of the Galaxy.

squad_1Minus Points The film’s major let down is the third and fourth act, which somehow seems to take a page out of the classic Ghostbusters film. It’s too Gozer-like for our liking to be honest.

Conclusion Despite some misgivings and apparent pacing problems, Ayer has managed to deliver a decent superhero /villain film. It’s also nice to see DC moving away from its dark theme, which plagued both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. Suicide Squad may not meet most fans expectations, but it’s an entertaining enough watch and more importantly it has set a good tone for itself and the extended DC film universe to follow.

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