Star Wars Cryptic Tweets Continues

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Bad Robot responds to earlier Tweets by Zack Snyder linking Star Wars: Episode VII to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But what does it all mean?

First there was a SuperJedi (Henry Cavill with a lightsabre) and then came a photo of Batman and an R2-D2 action figure. And both were photos Tweeted by Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder. If that wasn’t enough, the boys at Bad Robot, who are responsible for Star Wars: Episode VII responded with a Tweet of their own depicting C3PO as Batman. Sort of.

The photo shows C3PO on a ledge, draped in a cape whilst starring at a Rebel Insignia shining bright. For the average fan, this little banter seems perplexing as both films belong to different companies (Star Wars belongs to Disney who also owns Marvel). So what does it all mean?

Well, it could be down to both Snyder and Bad Robot just having a bit of fun with one another, because the chances of a cross-over between the two franchises are definitely out the window.
However there is one avenue that could tie all these Tweets together.

Are both parties actually teasing that an exclusive trailer or clip for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will premiere exclusively before Star Wars: Episode VII. It could be a possibility seeing that the seventh Star Wars film opens in December 2015, before Batman v Superman hits theatres in March.

Or it could be both parties are merely just trolling the internet.

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