Star Trek With Quentin Tarantino?

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The most shocking news we’ve heard in a while is that Quentin Tarantino is looking to develop a Star Trek movie at Paramount Pictures. This news literally came out of nowhere, and is apparently due to the director coming up with an idea for the direction of the franchise.

This news does create a bit of an issue for the Star Trek franchise, which needs a bit of retooling. After a sensational reboot under J.J. Abrams, the Enterprise has lost some steam with fans. Although the most recent instalment, Star Trek Beyond was rather good, it failed to strike a chord with audiences at the box-office.

Having Tarantino come in could revitalise the franchise but it also remains to be seen if Paramount wants to move ahead with the fourth instalment to this rebooted franchise. Chris Hemsworth who played George Kirk in Star Trek was reportedly going to return for the fourth film.

However now with this news with Tarantino circling the franchise, those plans could be put on hold or possibly shelved entirely. The director is currently working on a 1969 piece revolving around the Manson family.

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