Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

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Spider-Man has just swung his way back into cinemas with Spider-Man: Homecoming, this time with a little help from Marvel. After Sony’s less than stellar productions starring Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland takes on the mantle of the friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler to continue the storyline of the character following the events of Captain America: Civil War.

spider-man-homecomingThe Story Following getting his newfound powers, Peter Parker is slowly getting to grips with his super heroic abilities. However after his brush with battling other superheroes in the events that led to Civil War, the wall-crawler wants to do more than just battle petty crime. His abilities though are put to question after an encounter with The Vulture (Michael Keaton), which leads his mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) to take away his new high-tech Spidey suit. Going back to basics, Spider-Man has to rely on his own abilities and bravado to stop his arch-nemesis in order to save his friends and prove to the world and himself that he has what it takes to be a superhero.vulture

What Worked The addition of humour plus the light hearted take on the character. By far it’s the most accurate portrayal of the Spider-Man character to date.

What Didn’t
There’s a lot of references to tie Spider-Man directly back to the MCU. Some scenes even feel that the movie is being steered towards that path in order to create more synergy with the Marvel Universe.

Plus Points Action, humour, Spider-Man finally being portrayed the right way, which is big thing for fans especially after the dour take of the web crawler in the previous two films.Tom Holland’s take on the character.
Minus Points
A limited amount of time for mainstay Spider-Man characters. Perhaps this will change in the next instalment when Sony’s deal with Marvel wears out (which we hope won’t).

Conclusion Spider-Man belongs in the MCU and this film proves it. The interaction with the MCU characters comes off as fresh and it links back to the relevance of Spider-Man in the world of Marvel. Spider-Man: Homecoming is not only a film that does the web-crawler justice but also a fitting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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