Is Sony Planning An All-Female Superhero Movie?

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Rumours are circling that Sony is digging deep into the Spider-Man franchise with a superheroine led movie set within the web slinger’s universe.

We all know that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was less than stellar and the boys at Sony probably know that too. But rather than go back to the drawing board (or give back the rights to Marvel), they’ve gone one step further by further milking the Spider-Man franchise even further.

This is why we won’t see Spidey back on the silver screen in a solo adventure until 2018. However we will be treated to a Sinister Six film in 2016 in the meantime. Sinister Six, which was teased at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, will centre on a half dozen Spidey supervillains who come together with the common goal of defeating the web crawler.

If everything all goes according to plan, Sony will own the bragging rights to having the first supervillain ensemble movie. But Sony however isn’t stopping there because apparently they want to be the first to have an all-female superhero movie too.

If the rumours are true, Sony will have access to a number of Spidey-centric characters the likes of Silver Sable, Black Cat, Stunner, Firestarter and Spider-Woman amongst the notable few. In fact, Black Cat was teased in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Felicity Jones portraying a character named Felicia (the Black Cat’s alter ego is Felicia Hardy in the comic books).

Are you excited to see an all-female superhero project or do you think that the Spider-Man universe should remain focused on just the wall crawler?

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