Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

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Solo: A Star Wars Story has jumped into cinemas and it tells the story of one of the most endearing and beloved characters in the Star Wars universe. Frankly, the idea of the film was already a hard sell as it is the opinion of many fans that no one can replace Harrison Ford as the rogue smuggler turned rebellion hero.

solo_star_wars_story4But Lucasfilm certainly thought otherwise, which is why we’ve got Solo: A Star Wars Story with ‎Alden Ehrenreich playing the titular character. To be fair, ‎the young actor does a pretty decent job of trying to fill Ford’s shoes and there are some entertaining bits, but the much documented production issues that plagued the film ultimately proves to be Solo’s downfall.

The highly-publicised firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller with Ron Howard coming in at the eleventh hour to help finish the project is undoubtedly this film’s downfall. For what it’s worth, Howard should be commended for managing the film and getting it to the finish line but ultimately that’s really all it is.

solo_star_wars_story3Solo opens with the introduction to our hero who is looking for a way out from a mining planet with his girlfriend Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke). However a botched escape ends up with Solo joining the Empire where he winds up on the battlefield frontlines. There he meets his future partners in crime, Tobias (Woody Harrelson) and Chewbacca, whom he helps free.

From there on the film chugs along like a high tech western with a locomotive heist, which goes wrong, ultimately leaving the motley crew on the wrong side of gangster, Dryden Vos ( Paul Bettany). Forced on the back foot, Solo and his new crew come up with an audacious plan (which also goes wrong) to boost a shipment of fuel, with the help of smuggler, Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and his ship, the Millennium Falco

solo_star_wars_story1Although the storylines seems workable, Solo comes across as a little disjointed, which is likely the direct result of three directors working on the film. Still, there’s plenty of fan service, action and humour, along with some pretty cool cameos (and a pretty big one), which will make Star Wars fans happy but it is probably not enough from making Solo a knock out hit.

Overall, despite the Easter Eggs, and strong performances especially from Glover, it’s a film that will neither leave you impressed, excited or wanting more. For a Star Wars film featuring one of its most beloved characters, it is a little bit of a let-down to say the least.

Popcorn Rating: Bland with a hint of sweetness

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