Shark Week 2016

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Shark Week is back to take another seven-day bite, as Discovery Channel has announced the full block of fin-tastic programming set to air between 26 June and 1 July on Astro Ch 551.

The Return of Monster Mako – Mon 27 June at 9pm
Professional shark tagger Keith Poe, and marine biologists Greg Stuntz, Matt Ajemain and their team use state-of-the-art technology to try to document a live-predation of a thousand-pound mako shark — what fishermen call a “grander.”

Isle of Jaws – Mon 27 June at 10pm
In 2016, award-winning shark cinematographer Andy Casagrande discovered that great white sharks had strangely and completely disappeared from the Neptune Islands off South Australia.  Where did the sharks go? Searching west along the known great white migration route, he stumbles upon an incredible discovery – a concentration of all male great white sharks off an uncharted island.

Jaws of the Deep – Tues 28 June at 9pm
Marine biologist Greg Skomal and the REMUS SharkCam team return to Guadalupe to find the world’s largest great white shark, Deep Blue. The team uncovers hunting techniques and strategies great whites use to ambush their prey – and film a great white’s attack on the sub!

Tiger Beach – Tues 28 June at 10pm
Dr. Neil Hammerschlag is the world’s leading tiger shark expert. Now, he’s on a quest to answer what he calls the trifecta of tiger shark science: where do these giant sharks mate, where do the pregnant females gestate, and where do they give birth?

Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer – Wed 29 June at 9pm
A newcomer has taken residence in the waters of the Pacific Northwest… the great white shark. Shark expert Ralph Collier and Brandon McMillian seek answers to the main questions in this case – why are great white sharks traveling so far north and why are these encounters focused on this one particular place?

Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off – Wed 29 June at 10pm
Sharks and dolphins have shared the ocean for ages, but only recently, scientists have begun to understand the true nature of the relationship between these two masters of the sea. Dr. Mike Heithaus and his team bring new research that may solve why sharks attack dolphins far more than we ever knew.

Air Jaws: Night Stalker – Thurs 30 June at 9pm
Famed shark photographer Chris Fallows embarks on his 8th Air Jaws adventure with shark expert Jeff Kurr and sharkbiologist Neil Hammerschlag as they discover how great white sharks hunt in total darkness.

Deadliest Shark – Thurs 30 June at 10pm
Using cutting-edge research and thrilling historical evidence, Dr. Michael Domeier and Dr. Barry Bruce go looking for rare oceanic white tip sharks, to see if the species deserve the reputation as the “World’s Deadliest Shark.”

Nuclear Sharks – Fri 1 July at 9pm
Grandson to legendary underwater explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau, and his wife Ashlan Gorse Cousteau travel with marine biologist Luke Tipple to Bikini Atoll to explore a marine environment once destroyed by nuclear testing during the Cold War.

Jungle Shark – Fri 1 July at 10pm
Marine biologist Dr. Craig O’Connell and Andy Casagrande travel up the Serena River in the rainforests of Costa Rica to try and find out why young bull sharks swim up the river, and how they avoid the 12-14’ American crocodiles living there.

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