Shaft Reboot Being Planned

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It was a big hit in the 70s and even Samuel L. Jackson had a go playing the iconic character and now it seems that New Line Cinema is rebooting the classic series, Shaft. Reportedly, the Davis Entertainment Company, who were responsible for Predator is behind the new production.

If the reports are indeed true, it would mark 15 years since we saw the Shaft character on the silver screen, which was portrayed by Jackson and featured Christian Bale as the lead baddie. But despite Jackson portraying the character, the distinction of being the true Shaft belongs to someone else.

Veteran actor, Richard Roundtree brought the character to life in a series of films in the 70s as well as a TV series too. It is unknown if the new Shaft will be a completely new reboot or tied in to the past incarnations. The 2000 reboot of the film saw Jackson portray the character who was actually the nephew of the original Shaft, which was played by Roundtree himself.

The Shaft reboot doesn’t have a writer or director attached to the production yet but its speculated the film will hit theatres in 2017.

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