Rumah Kentang: The Beginning

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Rumah Kentang: The Beginning centres on Adrian, an author of horror novels whose readers are beginning to lose interest in his books. To write his latest novel, Adrian and his wife, Sophie, decide to visit Sophie’s childhood home that has been left for so long since her parents’ sudden disappearance.

Now, accompanied by their three children, Nina, Nala and Bayu, and also their grandmother, Mirah, Sophie finally sets foot again in the house. When they get there, they are immediately disturbed by weird things. Ignoring it at first, they eventually have to face the horrors head on when their oldest child, Nina, suddenly disappears.

To get Nina back, Sophie and Adrian must find out what really happened in the house, which stood on her parents’ potato farm. It becomes more pressing especially when Mirah is told by a villager, Dadang, that the house is much worse than what they imagine.

Now, not only Nina is in danger, but all of her family as well.

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