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Star Wars fever is alive and well and by all accounts, the acquisition of the franchise by Disney from Lucasfilm has certainly been the right move. The latest piece of the puzzle of the Star Wars saga has arrived in the form of Rogue One, the first of the standalone films. Taking place between The Revenge of The Sith and A New Hope, the film chronicles the story of a Rebellion crew who has to embark on a deadly mission to steal plans for the Death Star.

rogue_oneThe Story Rogue One revolves around Jyn Erso, a rebel, whose father is responsible for creating the Death Star. After being separated for a number of years, she uncovers a plan set by her father to destroy the dreaded weapon. But in order to uncover those plans, she and her rag-tag group of rebels have to go on a deadly mission to steal those plans under the watch of the Empire in a heavily fortified base.

What Worked Gareth Edwards stunning visuals and story-telling of this Star Wars saga. Unlike most films in the franchise, Rogue One is undoubtedly the one film that stays close to the original film. It’s got great characters, a simple-yet-workable plot and action, which should appease hard core Star Wars fans.

Rogue_One_Trailer2What Didn’t The opening sequence does drag a bit too long as it sets up the central characters of the film.

Plus Points Great special effects, awesome cameos and appearances of key characters from the Star Wars universe. The throwback to the original series in terms of look and feel especially with the characters, sets and props. The up-to-scale and rather stunning battle scenes.

Minus Points The sombre mood of the film towards the end, although it does pick up towards light speed right the moment before the end credits roll. The lack of the opening crawl.

rogue_one_reviewConclusion From the moment Rogue One starts, it’s evident that is a different kind of Star Wars film. But yet, as it build towards the third act, it’s evidently clear that this film is a key component of the franchise. It delivers on action, drama, suspense and humour and it also makes Darth Vader a badass once again. And that last bit towards the end, just ties everything together so seamlessly and fittingly.

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