Rock And Roll Sci-Fi Adventure

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Bold.Brash.Fun. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy serves us a reminder of how blockbusters should be made.

It’s a rarity to come across a film that manages to change your perception of it as soon as the first trailer appears. But that’s what Guardians of the Galaxy managed to do in a relative short span of time. Here was a film that was based on one of Marvel’s lesser known comic books, it had a relatively cast of unknowns and characters that most fans haven’t even heard off. A talking tree? A wise-cracking Racoon? A WWE wrestler? From the sound of it all, Guardians was a recipe for disaster. And then that first trailer came out.

The first trailer showed that the movie wasn’t taking itself too seriously, it even had a 70s soundtrack tacked on to it. It looked fresh, it looked fun and it had a right buzz about it. Subsequent trailers carried that vibe and it did the job of building the anticipation. Now, the movie is out in cinemas and most fans are wondering was it all hype or is this movie truly as advertise. We’ll cut to the chase, it’s the latter tenfold.

guardians_2The Story: Guardians of the Galaxy centres on Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord, who steals a mysterious orb, which sets off a chain of events. With evil warlord coveting the orb, Quill is forced to an uneasy alliance with a quartet of misfits which include Rocket, a gun-toting raccoon Groot, a powerful tree-like humanoid and a pair of deadly warriors named Gamora and Drax. But when the true nature of the orb is revealed and the danger it poses to the universe, the five are left with no choice but to band together and make a stand.

What Worked: There are a tonne of plus points to this film but if we could pin point what exactly makes Guardians of the Galaxy all that special it would have to be the chemistry between the characters. With laser quick one liners and jabs, each Guardian gets an equal chance to shine in this one but never at the slightest risk of stealing the show.

What Didn’t:  The limited screen time of Ronan the Accuser, which does limit the enormity and danger the character posed and Thanos’ big reveal, which should have had a bit more impact.

guardians_3Plus Points: The non-stop action, jokes and self-depreciating humour and the awesome retro soundtrack that accompanies key scenes.

Minus Points: An evil warlord and an army, a mismatch superhero team, and a powerful weapon? Replace the Infinity Stone with the Tesseract and this all seems vaguely familiar…

Conclusion: There’s been a tonne of praises heaped upon Guardians of the Galaxy and we admit the film deserves it. By no means is this film perfect but James Gunn has managed to take a lesser known Marvel Comic property and turned it into one of the most fun superhero outings we’ve ever seen. We’ll willingly bet most of you will be watching this one more than just once.

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