The Monster Hunt Continues…

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River Monsters 6 will see Jeremy Wade continue on his quest to land more gargantuan fish. We speak to him exclusively to find out more on what audiences can expect in the upcoming season of the series.

Jeremy Wade looks weary and tired. The host has been on a whirlwind tour of South East Asia meeting fans and promoting the upcoming season of River Monsters. But there will be little reprieve he reveals. “I’ll be going to England for a week right after I wrap up this promo tour and then I’ll be gone again to film for six weeks for the new season.”

Well that's one monster that didn't get away...

Well that’s one monster that didn’t get away…

Admittedly River Monsters is just a fishing show, which in essence doesn’t sound very exciting but Jeremy has managed to turn the series into a global success. “We didn’t know it would be this big,” admits Jeremy. “When we started originally, it was just going to be that one-off program about the Goonch in India. But that went down so well that they (Discovery) came back and asked if we could make a series out of it.”

Six seasons on and River Monsters hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. The latest one is proof of that as Jeremy encounters monstrous beasties, which allows him to do what he does best – battle them with rod and reel. “We have two different programs with very big fish,” reveals Jeremy. “We actually catch one with a fly fishing technique, which is fairly unusual. We also venture into a remote area of Brazil and spend time with the Matiz tribe, which was extra special.”

Will the epic battles of man vs. fish continue?

Will the epic battles of man vs. fish continue?

But fish aside, Jeremy’s escapade with a particular monster in season six has managed to grab headlines around the world. “Ah, yes, the Anaconda, how could I forget that episode,” enthuses Jeremy. Shot in another part of Brazil, this particular episode in season six of River Monsters saw the host do something that literally put him out of his comfort zone.

“It was a 20-footer,” recalls Jeremy about the slithery encounter. “I think and it was one of those moments where the water visibility was good and it allowed me to get into the water with it,” he explains. “It was another highlight of this season and it also reminds viewers that River Monsters isn’t just about fish. There are also other things that live under the water.”

River Monsters 6 premieres July 8 at 10pm on Discovery Channel (ASTRO Ch551).

Source: Discovery Channel

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