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The latest X-Men film comes in under a tonne of interest as it’s based on the iconic storyline, the Age of Apocalypse. Continuing the timeline reset, which began with X-Men: First Class, the ninth film in the franchise continues the adventures of the pioneer mutant superhero group whilst introducing new characters as well.  This time around, new heroes and villains such as Psylocke and Apocalypse enter the fray against younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler, making this one of the biggest X-Men films ever made. But is it one that measures up to the hype or is it a mutant superhero adventure that’s just more fizzle than pop?

apocalypse_1The Story X-Men: Apocalypse starts off with the revelation of an ancient evil, who just so happens to be the world’s first mutant named En Sabah Nur. The story reveals that the evil entity was buried deep in Egypt, only to be resurrected in the film’s timeline, which is the 80s. Rising to power, the evil mutant assembles four followers to help him bring balance to the world by virtually destroying everything mankind has built. Professor X and Mystique, upon discovering the plan, immediately set forth trying to stop the villain and his followers from carrying out their plan. But trouble brews when they discover that their old friend, Magneto has aligned himself with on the opposing side. With a team of new young mutants in tow, the X-Men mount a challenge to help defend the earth from Apocalypse.

What Worked The timeline set carries a good continuation between First Class and Days of Future Past, especially as it charts the progress of the three main characters. It’s also nice to see the new younger versions of characters such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Storm as well as the new introductions, Psylocke and Angel.

apocalypse_first lookWhat Didn’t The convoluted and nonsensical storyline and massive plot gaps. The film suffers from a number of pacing issues as it hops from one special effect laden set piece after another. It also attempts poorly to go into serious and dark territory. Apocalypse also fails to use its main villain effectively, which is a waste considering the rich background story the character has.

Plus Points The emergence of the new mutants, the continuation of the X-Men storyline and the cool cameo appearance of Wolverine.

apocalypse_3Minus Points Bad costumes and special effects, recycled story sequences and scenes. A lacking engaging storyline that makes Apocalypse just too long in the tooth to be enjoyed.

Conclusion The third film in the rebooted X-Men series is arguably the worse in the series as it drones on without a soul. The curse of the franchise continues with the third instalment, which is funny because it strays into the very same disastrous path that The Last Stand did. Overall, it’s a film to go watch only to satisfy your curiosity or if you’re an X-Men fan. And that is a pity too considering the fine job 20th Century Fox did with this new rebooted franchise.

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