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Trust Disney to corner the market when it comes to films based on rides and attractions. Following Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion comes Tomorrowland, a futuristic action adventure about a promising tomorrow. But is this ride to the future up to scratch or will it leave you wanting to stay firmly in the present? It may well be the latter for most cinemagoers…

tomorrowland_trailerThe StoryTomorrowland follows the story of two remarkable individuals – Frank Walker (George Clooney) a former boy-genius and Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), both of whom are bound by a shared destiny that’s linked to a futuristic city. When Casey is provided a pin that ‘transports’ her to a future dimension, she immediately becomes a target which forces her to work together with a mysterious teen named Athena (Raffey Cassidy). With no one left to turn to, Casey and Athena track down Frank, who could hold the key to returning to the high-tech city to solve a mystery that could help save mankind.

What Worked No denying that the film is visually appealing and boasts some of the best special effects seen in recent years. Tomorrowland is breathtakingly beautiful with the action coming fast and furious and virtually non-stop at some points.

What Didn’t Tomorrowland starts off well offering a glimpse of a futuristic city filled with wonderment and adventure. But as the story gets going, it trades in that factor for a wild action packed goose chase involving robotic agents and a race against time to help save the future of earth.

tmrw_landPlus Points Top notch special effects and mind blowing visuals. Best example of a teen kicking butt since Hit Girl.

Minus Points The confusing storyline and gaping holes in the storyline. There are many questions that are asked in the film and by the end of it half of them end up being unanswered. If you do see the movie do ask yourself about the Paris incident and what exactly did both Casey and Frank do to save humanity from?

Conclusion Despite starting on an interesting and positive note, Tomorrowland suffers like most films by spiralling itself down a confusing route filled with unnecessary action sequences and incredible inconsistencies. It’s busy, occasionally preachy and confusing and visually stimulating…you could say it’s a Disney version of Interstellar made just for kids. This is one vision of the future that sadly doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

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