Review: The Martian

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Take Ridley Scott. Add in the talents of Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Jessica Chastain, and you have the trappings of a very compelling movie. But factor in the excellent source material of a best-selling novel by Andy Weir and you get The Martian, one of this year’s best and most out of this world film.

The Story Astronauts on a mission exploring Mars have to perform an emergency evacuation when they’re suddenly faced with a severe storm. However, during the evac, astronaut Mark Whatney is left behind after being struck by debris. Awakening to find himself alone on Mars, Whatney has to fend for himself with a meagre amount of supplies whilst attempting to establish contact with Earth in an effort to get himself off the red planet.

martian_movie2What Worked The beautifully crafted story and tight editing. Despite its science-fiction elements, The Martian resonates well with its audience as it offers a gripping and entertaining human-interest story that’s brought to life by impeccable performances by its ensemble cast.

What Didn’t Despite the credible science motif and rationale behind the film, there are some elements in the film that are just too unbelievable. But they translate to incredible and memorable sequences.

Plus Points The awesome Mars landscape, awesome soundtrack and it’s smart, yet witty storyline.

martian_movie3Minus Points The run-up to the end sequence seems just a tad rushed.

Conclusion Admittedly, The Martian is one of this year’s best films and although the jury is out if it’s considered a classic, it’s definitely up there with the best sci-fi flicks. It’s got suspense, action, human drama, humour and a number of great songs plus a heart-pounding end sequence. This is one film that deserves a watch on the big screen.

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