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The Barden Bellas are back to pitch slap the world in Pitch Perfect 2, the follow-up to the original runaway global hit. The sequel continues with the lovable group of misfits who have only one thing in common: the irresistible way they sound when they’re seamlessly mixed together, mashed-up and arranged like never before. And rather surprisingly, the girls continue to hit perfect pitches whilst delivering some pretty hilarious scenes at the same time too.

The Story It’s been three years since the Bellas brought their signature vocals, style and attitude to become the first all-female group to win a national title. But when they get banned after a scandal that threatens to derail their last year at Barden, the three-time defending champs worry that this time they’ve lost their harmony for good. And to make matters worse, they have to contend with a group of arch rivals from Germany who become the odds-on favourites to win the World Championships of A Cappella in Copenhagen.

Pitch_Perfect2_3What Worked The humour has been dialled up a few notches and it’s got some pretty LOL moments in the film too. The story also delivers a good continuation for the Bellas, especially as they attempt to find their soul after their ban with the arrival of new blood signalling a changing of the guard and potentially a continuation of the series later on.

What Didn’t The first film had heart, and although this one has too, it’s been put in the back seat in light of the humour. That’s not saying that Pitch Perfect 2 hasn’t heart at all, it does but the laughs have been clearly prioritised for this one.

Plus Points Good songs, funny jokes and a pretty cool and touching finale. Rebel Wilson in her element.

Minus Points Some scenes play ouPitch_Perfect2_1t all too conveniently, done in all likelihood in a bid to tie up all loose ends for its characters. With the characters coming of age, it had to be done but it does seem rushed.

Conclusion Overall a good continuation and more than a decent sequel. Pitch Perfect fans will undoubtedly love this follow-up and props have to be given to Elizabeth Banks for her directorial debut. With great musical numbers, good performances and pretty funny jokes, Pitch Perfect 2 hits the high notes in more ways than one, leaving audiences yearning for an encore [it does happen too so stay back for the mid-credits clip].

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