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Animated science fiction movies haven’t enjoyed much success at the box-office in the last few years. With the exception of Wall-E, films like Planet 51, Mars Needs Moms and Escape from Planet Earth have come and gone pretty much unnoticeable. But Dreamworks’ seems to have enough confidence in the sci-fi animated genre, which is why they’ve produced Home, their latest full-length animated feature.

home2The Story Home revolves around a race of aliens called the Boov, who have made running away from their sworn enemy, the Gorg part of their lives. Running to Earth, the alien race concoct a plan to relocate the entire human population and colonise the planet for themselves. Everything seems to be going according to plan until an alien named Oh inadvertently sends out a message that could alert the Gorg. Chased by his own race, Oh runs into Tip, a human girl who has been separated from her mom during the relocation process. Forced into a temporary truce, Tip forces Oh to help her find her mom, all the while the Gorg races towards Earth.

What Worked The animation work is decent and it’s got an interesting spin on the whole alien invasion concept.

What Didn’t It almost takes some serious human issues and almost makes them perfectly ‘okay’ in animated form. Human concentration camps, alien invaders and so forth, it seems a tad much even in cartoon form.

home3Plus Points
There’s a few laughs, here and there and it’s got a typically sweet ending along with the customary life lesson.

Minus Points Bad grammar. Really bad grammar.

Conclusion Home will not be a classic or one of those animated films you remember fondly years from now. It’s almost as if Dreamworks made it a point to cater the film directly towards kids and kids alone. It’s got some cute factor going and lots of stuff going on screen to keep the young ones occupied and entertained but Home is sadly just isn’t endearing enough.

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