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With a premise of WW2 soldiers fighting zombies, you’d expect Overlord to be your stereotypical B-grade grindhouse styled film. And to its credit it stays pretty close to script, which is why you should think twice about catching this one on the big screen.

The film resembles more of an extended episode of Combat, which straddles into Twilight Zone territory. For younger readers, think Saving Private Ryan meets Black Mirror.

overlordThe story takes place on the eve of D-Day with a platoon of American paratroopers who are deployed behind enemy lines in Nazi occupied France. Their mission – penetrate a heavily guarded church, which has been turned into a radio tower.

But their mission isn’t as straightforward as it seems as their forces are depleted before they even hit the ground. Then upon working their way into a Nazi-occupied village, the remaining soldiers discover that the Germans are working on some secret experiments within the compound of the tower.

What follows next is a bloody and brutal battle that involves the American soldiers taking on the undead, which are the direct result of the Nazis attempting to create the ultimate super soldier. There are a lot of fisticuffs, shootouts, explosions and what have you, but ultimately it just drones on in one unforgettable blur.

overlord-trailerSo unforgettable in fact, I can’t remember for the life of me who the actors were in this one nor the characters they played. And that’s a pity actually, because Overlord seemed to tease a premise that was mindless and a lot of fun. Unfortunately only the former was true.

Overlord is perhaps best viewed on a streaming service, digital download or a screening on Cinemax (it’s not HBO’s cup of tea, in my honest opinion). Frankly, you can pretty much skip this one in the cinema altogether.

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