Oceanus: Revelation TV Series

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There will be a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller called Oceanus: Revelation hitting the small screen in a couple of years.

FutureDude Entertainment, the premier source for captivating, independently-produced, future-focused adventure stories has announced a power player partnership with TV industry veteran Dorothy (D.C.) Fontana—the writer and story editor who helped create Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Fontana joins forces with FutureDude Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Jeffrey Morris, as a Consulting Producer. She will help develop two different worlds—one underwater, the other on the moon’s surface—for the production company’s post-apocalyptic, science-driven TV series, Oceanus: Revelation, slated for release in 2019.

Oceanus: Revelation is a 10-hour television miniseries set in the mid-21st Century developed in association with London-based film and television company Evolutionary Films.

The Earth is devastated thanks to a trillionaire entrepreneur who has forced a new path of evolution on an unsuspecting world. Oceanus (named after the Greek god of the sea) follows a team of scientists and engineers who escaped the doomsday event in two spectacular cities: one underwater; the other on the moon.

Together they fight the elements, dwindling supplies, and the incessant manipulations of the power-mad individual behind the disaster.

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