Non Peter Parker Spider-Man?

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Spidey fans were unanimously happy when news broke that Spider-Man will finally be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it may well seem the news may have come with a proverbial curve ball. New reports have suggested that the new Spider-Man could be played by an African- American or Latino actor.

We can’t say we’re thrilled at the prospect of seeing a non-Peter Parker Spider-Man and we’re not sure long-time Spidey fans would welcome seeing a Miles Morales version as well. Comic book fans know that Morales is the new Spider-Man but as long-time fans would attest to, there is only one Spidey and that’s Peter Parker.

Still, it would seem that both Sony and possibly, Disney may want to explore having a Latino/African-American from the Ultimate Marvel Comics series instead. The move could be done to tap into the ethnic fan base instead but it may well possibly backfire.

The new Spider-Man will appear in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, which starts shooting later this year, and a new Spider-Man movie which is slated to be released in Summer 2017.

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