No Man’s Sky

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This month sees the launch of the eagerly awaited No Man’s Sky, a genre defining game of exploration and survival within the most vast and diverse experience ever created thanks to No Man’s Sky’s “infinite procedurally generated universe”.

Available on PlayStation 4 and created by Hello Games, the video game is set to amaze gamers with countless alien creatures and a map so vast no one could ever hope to cover its entirety. The game architecture’s ever generating solar systems, species and possibilities creating a universe to rival our own, with over 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 quintillion) possible planets. A concept that impressed US talk show host Stephen Colbert and he joked that Managing Director Sean Murray “was God”.

No Man’s Sky is well known to video game fans, and was voted as Amazon’s most anticipated game of 2016. Drawing on the stunning visual style and creativity of classic science-fiction stories and their overwhelming sense of adventure and imagination, the universe is the result of developers Hello Games vision of a game of unprecedented scale and ambition.

No Man’s Sky gives players the opportunity to leave their mark on the universe, exploring an infinite cosmos where you will discover unique never before seen planets and lifeforms.

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