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New Cloverfield Movie Is In Development

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A new Cloverfield movie is currently in development with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and apparently it will not be found footage. Matt Reeves directed the original 2008 film, which centred on a monster attack in New York.

The found footage drama became a cult classic, which eventually spawned two more films. 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane carried on the franchise, which took place within the Cloverfield universe. In 2018, The Cloverfield Paradox revealed more about the storyline. It even featured the original monster from the first film.

Cloverfied 4 will be written by Joe Barton, who is currently a showrunner on The Batman spin-off series. It is speculated that the new film will be more closely tied to the original film, going back to its monster roots.

The original film featured five young New Yorkers who must get to safety after a monster appears and wreaks havoc on the city. The film was centred on the found footage formula, which was highly popular at the time.  Fans have been clamouring for a proper direct follow-up to that film, and Cloverfield 4 may well provide that.

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