Mortal Engines Is An Epic Flop

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The Peter Jackson produced Mortal Engines is set to deliver a financial disaster for Universal Pictures as it is struggling to regroup its USD100 million budget. The film, which is directed by Christian Rivers only raked in USD7 million on its debut weekend, putting it well below expectations.

The CGI-laden film is set to be one of this year’s most epic box office bombs, with an expected loss of USD100 million for Universal. The film, which is based on a book series by Philip Reeve, tells of a dystopian future where the last cities of the world have been converted into motorized machines on wheels.

Honestly, the premise alone was a little wonky, and frankly it looks like Universal is now paying the price for putting this monstrous vehicle out in cinemas. Mortal Engines will likely sputter out of the U.S. Box Office, and it’s even struggling to find an audience in other markets it has opened in such as the U.K., Russia and Australia.

Mortal Engines is yet to open in China, which leaves the Middle Kingdom as Universal’s few markets to regroup some of its investment.


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