Mighty Mike On Boomerang

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Mighty Mike is a pug with sophisticated and refined tastes who enjoys nothing more than the tranquillity of his own home. In these brand new episodes of the hilarious slapstick series, we see chaos unfold as the other house pets, including a trio of troublesome turtles and a not-so-innocent house kitten, get up to all sorts of crazy antics when their owners are out.

The raccoons finally create a brilliant way of getting into the Mikkelsen’s house without anyone noticing. They set a plan to get mailed to the house inside in a cardboard box. Mike falls for it and the raccoons are free to steal whatever they want in their few minutes of freedom inside the house.

The racoons skedaddle back to their lair, but instead of stealing the loot, Mercury brings back an old grandfather clock that belonged to the family’s grandmother. Now Mike has to break into the raccoon’s lair, retrieve the family heirloom and give the raccoons a taste of their own medicine.

Catch the brand new adventures of Mighty Mike on Unifi Channel 555 on Sundays, from 1 December at 10am.

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