Luke Nyugen’s Street Food Asia

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Airing three months after its US telecast, Luke Nyugen’s Street Food Asia takes a look at the best and tastiest street food in the region. The first food choice in many countries is street food it’s now booming right around the world. From Asia to Europe and throughout the Americas the world of street food is ‘Luke’s Oyster’.

Luke takes a fascinating behind the scenes look at the wonderful street food scene and uncovers unusual secret eats. Countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand all have thriving street food cultures, Luke will meet the vendors following their daily routines from dawn to dusk and later.

Luke Nyugen’s Street Food Asia follows local traders collecting ingredients, preparing recipes, setting up stalls, serving dishes for the day or evening trading. It’s wildly recognised that Asia has some of the best street food in the World.

Luke is the ‘Street Food King’ spending his spare time away from his busy food school exploring the streets in Vietnam and other Asian cities searching out the interesting, diverse, and complex varieties of street food and secret eateries on offer.

Luke Nyugen’s Street Food Asia airs 22 August, Monday at 9.25pm on TLC (Astro Ch707)

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