Lucy 2 Being Planned

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If you love female driven thrillers then Luc Besson has good news for you. The filmmaker recently announced at CineEurope 2015 that he’s looking to move forward with  Lucy 2 and Colombiana 2. Both films delivered good returns at the box-office especially 2014’s Lucy which raked in over USD400 million on a USD40 million budget.

Colombiana, which was released in 2011 delivered only USD60 million on a USD40 million budget but it was otherwise well-received by most action fans. If the sequels do move forward, then stars Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana could be lured back to helm their characters once again.

Both films will be produced by Besson’s production company, EuropaCorp but there could be several issues both films may face. For starters both Johansson and Saldana are balancing a pretty hectic schedule with their roles in Captain America: Civil War and Star Trek 3 respectively. Another issue is finding a suitable storyline that could fit in for both films.

Lucy didn’t end with a possibility of a sequel whilst Saldana’s Cataleya character achieved her 15-year mission of extracting revenge from the people who were responsible for her parents’ murder in Colombiana. Do you think Lucy 2 and Colombiana 2 should be made or do you think both films left off nicely where they did?

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