Life Below Zero: Canada Airs On BBC Earth

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Based on the four-time Emmy-winning format, Life Below Zero: Canada is a compelling documentary about people who live off the grid in remote regions of northern Canada.

The series follows a diverse group from different backgrounds, including First Nations. Get an unfiltered glimpse into their rugged daily lives, as these intrepid characters use traditional survival practices and find ingenious ways of adapting to their extreme environment. They grapple with deadly weather while trying to find food, water and shelter. Can they make a success of their uniquely challenging lives?

For more than half the year, Northern Canada is blanketed by snow and ice. While the region makes up 39% of Canada’s land area, it houses less than 1% of the country’s 37 million people. 

During the 3 coldest months of winter, the temperature can range from -34 °C down to even -55 °C.

Life Below Zero: Canada was shot across the Yukon, Northern Ontario and the Northwest Territories in Canada. It was filmed by a crew of 6, travelling for over 120 days and shooting up to 500 hours of footage.

The Life Below Zero series has been nominated for “Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Programme” at the Emmy Awards for 6 consecutive years across 2015-2020, winning for 3 years out of the 6.

Check out Life Below Zero: Canada on 24 September 2020 at 9.55pm on BBC Earth (UnifiTV channel 501) and BBC Player.

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