LEGO Sets For Movie Fans

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LEGO is satisfying the hearts and minds of its fans and also making their wallets thinner with a number of new and highly-coveted sets. This year alone will see the toy maker deliver a number of new and enticing sets including a new Speed Champions collection plus several movie tie-in

For Harry Potter fans, the Hogwarts Great Hall should be the must-buy list. Created to tie-in with both Harry Potter as well as the Fantastic Beasts movie, the set is a LEGO replica of the great hall at the school of magic with roughly 1000 pieces.

lego-solo-millennium-falconHowever, the latest Star Wars set could be the one most fans will be saving their pennies for. A Solo: A Star Wars story tie-in, the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon sees the beloved fictional spaceship in newly-minted glory. The ship is new and shiny with a new front and figures for Han Solo, Chewbacca, Qi’ra, Lando Calrissian, a Kessel droid, and two additional characters.

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