Kuntilanak 2

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ETA 25 July 2019
Director Rizal Mantovani
Cast Sandrinna Michelle, Andryan Bima, Ali Fikry
Genre Horror

In Kuntilanak 2, a woman named Karmila, comes to Aunt Donna’s house to claim that she is the biological mother of Dinda. She wants Dinda to go visit her once in her house which is in the forest. Dinda sees this as an opportunity to spend time with her mother even though if Aunt Donna remains sceptical. Nevertheless her aunt relents and allows the girl to go visit Karmila.

Dinda, accompanied by all friends Julia and Edwin make the journey to go visit her mother. However, once they reach the destination, they soon realize that they have reached the world of Kuntilanak, and now needs to find a way to escape the dangerous place.

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