Kong: Skull Island Review

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Kong: Skull Island is an important film for monster movie fans as it not only reintroduces the gigantic ape but also extends the monster universe being planned by Legendary. So with that in mind, both Warner Bros and Legendary have a lot riding on this latest incarnation of King Kong. They’ve assembled a pretty impressive cast too to get the ball rolling for the monster ape’s return to the big story.

kongsThe Story At the end of the Vietnam War, Monarch uncovers the existence of an uncharted island in the south pacific. Despatching a team of scientists as well as military personnel to map the island, the team suddenly find themselves facing off against a giant ape. After nearly getting wiped out, the crew are forced to fend for themselves only to eventually realise that Kong isn’t the only monster on Skull Island.

What Worked As far as monster movies go, Kong: Skull Island has it all – giant monsters, battles, shoot-em-ups, an obsessed villain, reluctant heroes and the token comedic act. It’s clichéd and formulaic but it moves along pretty seamlessly moving from one action sequence/plot to another with minimal fuss or confusion.

skull_island_first_lookWhat Didn’t Audiences are already introduced to Kong within the first five minutes of Kong: Skull Island, which takes away that air of wonderment and mystery seen in past monster movies. The film also chooses to take the same route where past monster movies have treaded, which results in a pretty much no-brainer film.

Plus Points For a monster movie, Kong: Skull Island is beautifully filmed with sweeping panoramas and well-crafted shots. Credit also has to be given to John C. Reilly who practically carries the film from the moment he shows up.

kong-skull-island-kongMinus Points For a monster movie and a major building block to the monster franchise at Legendary, Kong: Skull Island is rather unimaginative. It also suffers from drawing too much from other monster/ horror films we’ve seen in the past.

Conclusion If you’re looking for brainless fun and two hours of entertainment, then Kong: Skull Island will certainly deliver on its price of admission. Granted it won’t be a classic like its 70s incarnation but it is better than King Kong’s last outing with Peter Jackson. It also plants an interesting hook during the end credits sequence for future monster movies from Legendary.

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