Kavin Jay: Anger Management Tour

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Local comedian Kavin Jay is embarking on a nationwide tour, which will take place exclusively in TGV Cinemas. This nationwide stand-up comedy tour entitled Kavin Jay: Anger Management is geared to be an hour of all new material filled with unbelievable stories of his life, including all the bad choices he has made that has taught him to be a better person and even better Malaysia.

It will be interesting to see what TGV Pictures does with this tour and whether or not it will spark future tours and appearances by comedians.

The Kavin Jay: Anger Management Nationwide Live Stand-Up Comedy Tour 2018 begins in August 2018 at TGV Cinemas across the country. The programme begins at 9.30PM and the ticket price is RM98 (VIP) and RM78 (Standard) with complimentary regular popcorn combo.

Maybank card holders get to enjoy a flat rate of RM70 for both seats (VIP & Standard) with complimentary regular popcorn combo as well. Log on to TGV Cinemas for ticketing details as well as show information.


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