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Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker?

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Leo said no, Leto failed, and Ledger’s gone. Now DC is looking to reboot the Joker character with a new actor and it may well be Joaquin Phoenix. Things at the DCEU these days are best described as a state of flux.

With numerous changes being made and retooled, largely due to Justice League failing to live up to expectations, Warner Bros is looking to make amends in a big way. The most recent report claims that Phoenix is already in talks to lead the new standalone Joker film.

The film, which be helmed by Todd Phillips, will reportedly be an origins tale and quite possibly not linked to the current DCEU. In all likelihood, it could centre on the Joker character and his rise in the criminal underworld before the freak accident at the chemical plant, which turned him into the clown prince of crime.

Phoenix hasn’t added a superhero film to his vast body of work, although the three-time Oscar nominee came awfully close to portraying Doctor Strange. Nevertheless it would seem playing a character such as the Joker is more in Phoenix’s wheelhouse.

As for the current state of the DCEU. Warner Bros has Aquaman due out later this year with production already beginning on Shazam! Titles that are currently confirmed and in development include Suicide Squad 2, Wonder Woman 2 and The Batman with Matt Reeves.

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