Is Jared Leto Done Playing The Joker?

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Despite making decent money at the box-office, Suicide Squad faced an onslaught of criticism following its release. With many fans and critics panning the superhero/villain film, it remains to be seen how Warner Bros. is going to tweak the extended DC universe in the near future.

Now even more issues are surfacing, one of which involves an actor playing a rather key character in the DC film universe. When the first trailer surface the world was treated to Jared Leto’s version of The Joker, which was met with huge interest.

Unfortunately though, Leto’s performance as the clown prince of crime was underwhelming due in large part to the limited time the character had in the film. With a total screen time of minutes, The Joker was reduced to a limited co-starring role and that isn’t sitting well with the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman.

In a recent fan meet and greet session with fans, Leto was apparently vocal about the Suicide Squad cut. David Ayer’s final cut was the vision both the director and studio wanted to go with but apparently there is a darker more serious version, which involved more scenes with The Joker. Unfortunately most of those scenes wound up on the cutting room floor.

Now, it’s been said that Leto may be cooling on playing the villain despite signing on for a multi-picture film with Warner Bros. The Joker is likely to have a bigger role to play in upcoming films, especially the solo Batman film, which is being planned.

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