Is James Bond 25 About To Start?

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We haven’t heard much about the upcoming James Bond adventure, but a new rumour claims that cameras will roll on James Bond 25 in 2017. The timing certainly feels right considering that Spectre was only released in 2016, which has certainly given the franchise enough time to breathe.

However, one glaring issue arising from James Bond 25 is star’s Daniel Craig noncommittal stance towards the film. The British actor has gone on record to voice that he is disinterested in the role despite Sony offering an obscene amount of money for him to portray 007 one last time.

Most recently though it seems that there is some glimmer of hope for the continuity of the franchise following a report from Croatia. The mayor of the city of Dubrovnik claimed that the super-agent is headed for his neck of the woods and is in advanced stage of negotiations for filming to begin there by end of 2017.

If this bit of news was true it would seem that Bond will indeed return to the big screen in the near future. But who will portray him is anyone’s guess at this point of time. Craig recently gained the distinction of becoming the second longest-serving actor to play James Bond in the history of the franchise.

It would serve the actor as well as the franchise well if he chooses to go out in style in James Bond 25.

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