Is Armie Hammer Playing Green Lantern?

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Armie Hammer has been linked to a number of big roles in recent years, but it seems the actor may have led fans on with a rumour revolving around the Green Lantern. Comic book and movie fans often have a big say over which actor gets to play, which superhero.

For instance, there was plenty of outcry with the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, which quite frankly still hasn’t died out completely. Most recently, Armie Hammer was linked to an iconic DC role, with him supposedly cast as the Green Lantern.

Most fans seemed to think he would be perfect for the role, especially as Hammer does fit the character of Hal Jordan. But Hammer apparently decided to campaign for the role by trolling fans for a bit on social media.

But now it seems that there was no discussion between himself and Warner Bros with regards to the Green Lantern Corps project and he’s left the rumour pretty much alone. He was previously also linked to the Shazam! project, which is currently being shelved temporarily.

Still, Hammer is not without roles to keep him busy. We’ll be hearing him soon in Cars 3 and Free Fire, which is due out later this year.


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