Interview: Will Patrick Talks About The Ben 10 Movie

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The entire galaxy will come to a grinding halt as Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 takes over your screen right on the dot at 10am on 10 October with the worldwide premiere of Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie.

The action-packed TV movie will focus around a blast from Ben’s past returning to do double the damage on Team Tennyson and planet Earth itself, forcing Ben to go interstellar to save the day. Meanwhile, Gwen and Grandpa Max team up to help protect the world in Ben’s absence. But when our boy hero is confused for the villain in space, Ben must figure out a way to get back to Earth to help save it!

Ahead of the movie’s big premiere, we spoke to Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie’s Supervising Producer, Will Patrick to find out more about the new adventure.  An accomplished talent in animation, Patrick is well versed with the Ben 10 franchise, having worked on the correlating Cartoon Network series, Ben 10 as a supervising producer as well. He also worked on the series as a Storyboard Artist in 2015. In this interview, Patrick breaks down the movie as well as its production and reveals more about the Ben 10 Universe.

Let’s get down to it, what is the premise of Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie?
WP: The movie starts out when an anomaly is detected coming down to hit the Earth. Fortunately, Ben discovers a new feature in the Omnitrix that allows him to fly into the space and try to divert it. But it turns out it’s not just any meteor – and that is when the movie kicks off.

What new challenges will Ben face in this movie?
Ben’s real strength comes from the support of his family, so the best way to raise the stakes is to separate him from them by flinging him into space. Ben may not always realize how important Gwen and Max are to him but with the return of Vilgax to Earth he must get back to save them.

What can you say about the villain of the movie?
So, Ben’s biggest fear is tentacles, and Vilgax, who is the most dangerous villain he’s ever faced, is MADE of tentacles! Vilgax has been traveling through the galaxy conquering planets and Earth is just the next planet in line. Plus, we might find out a little more about Vilgax’s backstory!

What aliens do we get to see in Ben’s arsenal?
You will see all the regular line-up and maybe a couple of new ones!

What is the underlying message conveyed in the movie?
The importance of family coming together. In the movie, Ben is constantly being reminded of how important it is to care about other people. I hope kids watching understand that we are all equally important. And it’s also about having fun and defeating evil space aliens!

How did you make the movie distinct from the series?
The tone is a little bit more serious; we have some references to the older series. At the same time, we wanted to keep the movie fun, like the show. There will still be jokes and lighter moments, but this is a more dire situation, so the movie takes it as such. The stakes are elevated and feel more important that just another adventure for Ben.

How does the production process of a movie, a standalone project, compare to a season of episodes?
With the series, we have a single board team of two people working on each episode. They receive an outline, put their heads together and give each episode their individual spin. But with the movie, its five board teams all working together. We broke it up into sections, so each team worked on a part of the movie, and they had to ensure that things flow together. It’s a lot more of a balancing act with a movie and coordination is important.

What does a supervising producer do on a movie and what is the best bit about your job?
I was overseeing the artists, art direction and the story, keeping things moving and stitched together. The best bit is the crew! I have a lot of fun with them, they are great people, very creative and passionate about what they do. I am nothing without them.

Did Covid-19 affect the movie’s production schedule?
Yes and no. We had wrapped up writing and storyboarding by the time the quarantine had happened. Most of the editing and sound-mixing happened when we were at home which was a little tricky. But we got through it and figured it out.

If you had to be one of Ben 10’s aliens for the rest of your life, which one would you be and why?
I think I would be XLR8 because I could get so much done.

What’s next for Ben 10 after this movie?
Well, summer’s not over so there are more adventures in store!

Tune in to Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie on Saturday, October 10 at 10am simulcast on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD / 635), HBO, Boomerang, Warner TV and HBO GO.

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