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As one of the hosts of Asia’s Got Talent, Justin Bratton has pretty much become part of the magic of the show. Along with Alan Wong, the duo help ease audiences into what transpires on stage and on screen and fact of the matter is, their involvement in the show is just as important as the judges and the contestants on the show.

AGT3With the Asia’s Got Talent open auditions happening in Kuala Lumpur this weekend, we cornered Justin to find out about the talents in Asia, what he’s expecting from Malaysia and what it takes to make the cut for the show.

Personally what are you hoping to see in the auditions here in Kuala Lumpur?
The talent from Malaysia last season was absolutely amazing. So we expect big things to come out Kuala Lumpur. Apparently KL is great place for magic!

Do you think the competition is a lot tougher now compared to years before, like have talents elevated themselves?
Absolutely! The show is getting bigger and bigger. More people are watching and more people are auditioning. So the quality level of the talent is definitely on the rise. Bring you ‘A’ game folks!

What does it take to get through the audition stages and make the cut for show?
Well for one, you got to have talent. With that being said, it’s important to be yourself because that really resonates with the judges and also is totally visible on camera. And people want to see other real people out there on that stage making it happen.

justin_AlanAre you surprised by the amount of talent that we have in the region?
I’m actually not. There are 4.5 billion people in Asia, and all from incredibly different cultures and backgrounds with unique views on art and performance. I want to see more of it!

How does it feel being a part of Asia’s Got Talent to see someone like The Sacred Riana make it to America’s Got Talent?
It feels great! Her act definitely struck a chord with everyone in Asia and it’s great to see that the talent coming out of Asia has international appeal. It really is a testament to what the talent pool here is capable of.

Do you have friendly wagers between hosts to see which contestant makes it to the next round?
Hahahaha! Alan and I mostly wager on who is going to get called out onto stage next or who is going to screw up their next line. We’re lucky we have the opportunity to get close with the acts and truly want them all to succeed. But of course, there are those acts that you just kind have a feeling. We usually see eye to eye on that.

Asia’s Got Talent open auditions will be held at Taylor’s University, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 8 July from 10am onwards.

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