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He’s been a VJ, acted on screen and modelled. But Alan Wong is recognised by most fans for his hosting duties on Asia’s got Talent. Alan will return to host the third season of the hit series on AXN alongside co-host, Justin Bratton. In this exclusive interview Alan talks about Asia’s Got Talent, the audition process and what talents need to do to progress in the show.

You’ve hosted the show three seasons now, are you surprised at the amount of talent there is in this region?
Well Asia is such a large region with so many people so it’s not surprising that we have an enormous amount of talent auditioning. But what did surprise me last season was the wildly different types of crazy talents that we got to see. From snake charming to sword swallowing, I was not prepared for a lot of what went down last year. I can’t wait for more!

alan_wongIs that because the show has become a lot tougher now, especially for talents to get noticed?
I do think the competition has and will continue to become tougher. As the audience watching Asia’s Got Talent continues to grow, more and more people across the world are going to watch their favourite acts accomplish their dreams. I think this will inspire more and more people throughout Asia to audition. And as more people audition, of course the competition will grow.

We’ve got auditions coming up in Kuala Lumpur. Personally what do you want to see from the talents here?
Last season, we saw some incredibly talented magicians and musicians come out of Malaysia. But I know there is also an awesome dance scene in Malaysia as well. So I want to see a b-boy crew or hip hop group destroy the auditions.

What does it take for a talent to get through the audition process and progress in the competition?
Obviously, it’s important to be talented at what you do. But I think the number one thing is confidence. Wherever you come from, and whatever your talent is, you deserve the chance to show us what you can do. So have fun and do your best with confidence. I think that’s what gets artists through to the judge’s auditions.

IMG_8540How cool was it seeing The Sacred Riana on America’s Got Talent?
I think it speaks to the buzz and popularity that The Sacred Riana created all over the world. She has fans from everywhere. And when you become an international phenomenon, people are going to want to see more of what you can do. I’m really glad that she gets to continue sharing her talent.

Lastly, do you and Justin have friendly wagers at the back on which contestant makes it through? It’s too hard to make friendly wagers when there are so many contestants you want to see win. Working so close with them throughout the season of the show, they really all become your favourites and frankly, I want to see them all succeed as much as they can.

Catch Alan Wong and Justin Bratton on Asia’s Got Talent. The Asia’s Got Talent open auditions will be held at Taylor’s University, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 8 July from 10am onwards.

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