Incredibles 2 Review

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The Incredibles 2 brings Pixar’s family of superheroes back unto the big screen for another big adventure. The sequel picks up immediately where the first film ended with the family coming face to face with the Under Miner. However, their first battle doesn’t go down too well as Parr family soon has to contend with a public fallout with superheroes.

incredibles_2_2Help however comes in the form of a telecommunications guru who wants to help turn the public relations nightmare involving superheroes into a dream. For that task alone, he recruits the supers, specifically Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) to embark on a series of missions to help the public fall in love with superheroes once again.

As Elastigirl sets out on her mission, Mr Incredible (Craig T Nelson) has to pull mommy duties, taking care of Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, who is slowly realising his own series of powers. All things come to a head when a cybercriminal named Screenslaver appears threatening to hypnotize the world through computer screens, which forces the superhero family to spring into action to save the day with the help of some allies.

incredibles-2_1In terms of sequels, Pixar has done a grand job in tying up the first film with this one rather nicely. The reversal of roles for both Jack and Helen Parr works like a charm as the matriarch of the family heads out on her own missions, leaving the patriarch of the family to deal with household matters.

The inclusion of the PR spin involving supers also adds a nice touch to the storyline as is the introduction of new heroes to the franchise. Overall, this Pixar sequel not only works well as a follow-up to the original but also a great superhero story of its own.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of live-action spandex wearing heroes on the big screen, then Incredibles 2 could just be what you need to fall in love with heroes once again. Oh, and the pre-movie short, Bao is a great watch too.

Popcorn Rating: Sweet & Fresh

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