Hotel Transylvania 3 Review

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Animated films tend to get tired after a couple of sequels and that’s what Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation was teasing to suffer from. However, despite the re-thread of some jokes by the same characters, Sony Pictures Animation has managed to keep the series somewhat fresh and funny. translvania3_1The third instalment to the franchise puts the Drac Pack on a summer cruise, after Mavis realises that her dad needs a vacation. Naturally all the monsters from the hotel hop aboard the ship, leaving Drac less than impressed, however, he soon finds a huge positive when he gets smitten by the mysterious Captain Ericka. Most of the stereotypical jokes involving the monsters come into play, on the ship and the places they visit. Especially watching the monsters indulge in all of the shipboard fun the cruise has to offer, from monster volleyball to exotic excursions and catching up on their moon tans. translvania3_2However, it is all not smooth sailing for the monster family when Mavis realises that Ericka may be hiding a dangerous secret that could destroy all of monsterkind. As the cruise sails along to its final destination, Ericka’s true intentions come to light, leaving the monsters to face potential doom. But as fans of the series know, nothing is quite so straightforward in any Hotel Transylvania adventure. Overall, despite the similarities and the running jokes seen in the previous two movies, Hotel Transylvania 3 is still a decent watch, especially if you want family time in the cinema. Make no mistake though, compared to this year’s best animated adventure, The Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3 comes across as a Saturday Morning Cartoon. translvania3_3That said, sometimes all you need to enjoy yourself is some silly, mindless fun with cool characters, and Hotel Transylvania 3 does serve that up rather nicely in this outing. We’re not sure if a fourth will do the franchise justice as it may risk going the Ice Age route and become a tired series. But for now, the Drac Pack still makes a decent case for itself to warrant a viewing (just not necessarily at the cinema). Popcorn Rating: Semi-Sweet, Semi-Fresh

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