Hawaii Five-0 Season 5

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 will bring answers to some of the long running questions, new villains and romances. The series’ milestone 100th episode (7th episode of this season) will be one not-to-be-missed: the relationships between Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), villain Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), and McGarrett’s mother will finally be addressed – Wo Fat needed “a face-to-face with McGarrett, and that’s definitely coming”, revealed series executive producer Peter Lenkov.

The episode is also extra special with fan favorite characters including Ian Anthony Dale, Will Yun Lee, James Marsters, William Sadler and Larisa Oleynik making guest appearances. “If you’re a fan of the show and you’ve been watching it forever all your favourite characters are going to be in it,” Lenkov added. Rock band Bush frontman and Gwen Stefani’s husband, Gavin Rossdale, also guest stars.

A new villain set for multiple story arcs will be introduced and “a big story” is being built for it. It gets thrilling right from the start as Danny’s (Scott Caan) brother is captured and he will have to repay the money he took from the captors. Jerry Ortega played by Jorge Garcia who was newly promoted to series regular, will also feature heavily in the initial story arc for the conspiracy theory that he has.

In addition to training assistant medical examiner Mindy Shaw (Amanda Setton), Dr Max Bergman (Masi Oka), chief medical examiner has to contend with a rival medical examiner working on the island of Hawaii. “These two guys really don’t like each other, and they’re going to be forced to work together,” said Lenkov

With Kono (Grace Park) telling Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) that Adam (Dale) wanted to get married to her, wedding bells will ring. Even McGarrett will meet someone whom he can connect with – when she was young McGarrett’s father had helped get the men who killed her father. “McGarrett’s going to connect with this woman because they suffered a mutual trauma. So that’s going to be an interesting and that may go somewhere,” teased Lenkov.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 premieres 12 January 2015, Monday, 10PM on AXN (Astro Ch701)

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