Halal Foodie Guide To Asian Restaurants

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Uncover three delicious restaurants that make Southeast Asia the ideal halal food destination as shown on TLC’s latest program, Halal Foodie. Hosted by comedian, Papi Zak, the series takes viewers on a trip around Southeast Asia to uncover the best halal dishes.

Join Papi on an exciting journey to discover a multitude of mouth-watering halal dishes and fun Muslim-friendly attractions. And if you’re due for a vacation soon in one of the countries in the region, rest assured Halal Foodie will make your trip a delicious one.

Here are a few halal food destinations every traveller (Muslim or Non-Muslim) should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Bangkok, Thailand
Ramkhambaeng, Soi 65 (Bangkok)Thai food is no stranger to us Malaysians who love the richness and combination of different flavours in each dish. When visiting Thailand, a problem that is often faced is the difficulty in finding a halal restaurant with delicious Thai food. One destination that won’t let you down is Ramkhamhaeng, Soi 65 that allows you to indulge in tasty dishes such as grilled chicken with Som Tam (Papaya salad mixed with chili, fish sauce and lime juice) and its signature Thai milk tea as featured in episode 1 of Halal Foodie.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Le Meridian (Kota Kinabalu)
While Malaysia is filled with halal food destinations, many of us from Peninsular Malaysia may not know the hidden treasures that lie in Kota Kinabalu. Here’s a little-known fact – one of the best restaurants that serve traditional local and fusion dishes is actually in 5-Star Hotel, Le Meridien’s “Latest Recipe” restaurant as explored by Papi Zak in Episode 2 of Halal Foodie. Some of their signature dishes include their roast lamb with Nasi Briyani and Peking Duck.

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Cambodian Muslim Restaurant
Cambodian food is often overlooked and is commonly stereotyped to be like Vietnamese or Thai. As in most countries, it’s all about knowing what to order. For some of the best halal food you will ever experience, visit Cambodian Muslim Restaurant in Steng Thmey Village as featured in Episode 6 of Halal Foodie that serves traditional BBQ and steamboat that’s popular amongst locals and raved by tourists. This is the perfect place to experience a wide array of meats and seafood.

Find out more halal food destinations from TLC’s Halal Foodie that airs every Wednesday exclusively on TLC (Astro Channel 707) at 6.15pm (MY)

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