Green Hornet Reboot

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Yet another reboot is coming our way from Hollywood and this time it’s one that’s centred on The Green Hornet. Paramount is apparently gearing up for a big screen reboot of the film and they’re looking to tap director Gavin O’ Connor to helm the film.

The Green Hornet, which is based on a comic book and classic TV series was previously reincarnated as a buddy comedy with Seth Rogen. The 2011 film did decent business at the box-office but it wasn’t enough to warrant continuity to the franchise.

The good news is though that O’Connor is a big fan of the comic book series and wants to inject a grittier feel as opposed to the campy reiterations we’ve seen thus far. The director certainly has the credentials to back it up with judging by his fine work in Warrior and most recently, The Accountant with Ben Affleck.

The Green Hornet centred on a millionaire named Britt Reid who along with his trusty sidekick Kato, fought crime. Kato was previously played by Bruce Lee in the 60s series with Jay Chou picking up the mantle in the 2011 reboot.

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