Game Over For Tron 3

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Bad news for Tron fans because Disney has effectively pulled the plug on the franchise for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll never see Tron ever again but it does mean that Tron 3, which was in predevelopment will not be going ahead as planned.

The cancellation could tie-in to the disappointment of Tomorrowland, which is set to be Disney’s biggest disappointment of 2015. The big budget sci-fi adventure has so far failed to ignite with audiences and has only pulled in over USD50 million since it opened in cinemas. The failure of Tomorrowland could have soured plans for Disney to put its back behind another potential flop, ever more so as Tron: Legacy didn’t exactly set the box-office during its release back in 2010.

The news of Tron 3 not happening may not resonate well with fans but it does make sense from a business standpoint. Disney is already having its hands full juggling the Star Wars franchise as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s also got follow-ups to properties like Indiana Jones as well. With such an extensive portfolio and backlog of franchises as well as new ones on the horizon, there’s a high chance we might never see Tron come to life on the big screen ever again.

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